Seller Buybacks

There are many ways to buy and sell homes here in Hillsborough County, Florida. One of these options is to include a seller buyback in the real estate purchase agreement. New Leaf Home Solutions is a real estate company that helps homeowners sell their homes fast. Learn more about seller buybacks below, and contact us today.

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What Is a Seller Buyback?

A seller buyback is where the seller of the property wishes to repurchase the property back at a later time for a predetermined price. This provision would be clearly stated in the real estate contract. There are many reasons for seller buybacks, such as to gain short-term access to working capital and provide debt relief to individuals.


Benefits of Seller Buybacks

  • Reduced risk of market fluctuations since the buyback price is already set

  • Saves money in hiring real estate agents to buy and sell your property

  • Helps to ensure a profit on the real estate deal

  • Can exit your investment property without having to worry about sitting on it


Is a Seller Buyback for You?

Since every situation is different, it's hard to put a firm answer to this question. That being said, one of the best ways to know if a seller buyback is right for you is to speak to a well-versed real estate company in Hillsborough County, Florida, that has experience in these types of real estate deals. Contact New Leaf Home Solutions today.

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Learn More About Seller Buybacks Today

Since seller buybacks are a bit outside of the norm when it comes to real estate transactions, it's best to partner with an experienced real estate firm. Our company will take a look at your situation and what you are hoping to achieve with the sale of your property and advise you on the best course of action.

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